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P4 Indoor Flexible LED Display, used in Video Media Advertising

P4 Indoor Flexible LED Display, used in Video Media Advertising

  • Brightness (nits)
  • Discrete Out Of Control Point
  • Refresh Rate (Hz)
  • Module Resolution (dots)
  • LED Type
  • Module Size (mm)
  • Operating Life
  • Pixel Density (dot/m²)
  • Max. Power (W/m²)
  • Ave. Power (W/m²)
  • Place of Origin
    Shenzhen, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number

P4 Indoor Flexible LED Display, used in Video Media Advertising

Product Description:

P4 Flexible LED Display is a high-performance electronic display device with long operating life up to 10,000 hours. The display is made of SMD1515 LEDs with a pixel density of 284444 dots/m² and an impressive refresh rate of 3840 Hz, providing the best image quality without any motion blur. 


Flexible LED module, with flexible and free characteristics, can be spliced into arc, cylindrical, cube and other shapes, support customization.


P4 Indoor Flexible LED Display, used in Video Media Advertising 0




P4 Indoor Flexible LED Display, used in Video Media Advertising 1

P4 Indoor Flexible LED Display, used in Video Media Advertising 2



This flexible LED display is ideal for a variety of applications, such as flexible LED curtain screens, flexible LED screen shops, and more. With its advanced technology and superior performance, Apexls P4 is the perfect choice for any Creative LED display project.


Customize Your Flexible LED Display with Apexls

Apexls offers the best flexible LED display for your business. Our P1.875 model is made in Shenzhen, China and offers a brightness of 800-1,000 nits. It has an average power of 200 W/m² and pixel density of 284444. It has an operating life of 10,000 hours and a refresh rate of 3840 Hz. So, choose Apexls to get the best flexible LED screen shopping and flexible LED screen outdoor experience for your business.

Get the best flexible LED curtain screen which will be perfect for your business. Customize your flexible LED display with Apexls.


Support and Services:

Flexible LED Display offers a wide range of technical support and services to ensure that our customers get the best out of their purchase.

We provide technical support and services including:

  • Installation and setup of the product.
  • Troubleshooting and repair of any product-related issues.
  • Updating of software and firmware.
  • Software integration.
  • Advice on product usage.

Packing and Shipping:

Flexible LED Display is packaged and shipped in a secure box. The box is designed to keep the product safe and protected during transit. Inside the box, the product is placed in bubble wrap to prevent any damage to the display due to bumps and vibrations. The box is sealed with a secure tape to keep the product safe from dust and moisture.

The box is then placed in a larger cardboard box for shipping. This box is also sealed with a secure tape. The box is marked with the appropriate shipping labels and a tracking number. The package is then shipped to the customer's address.



Q1: What is Indoor Flexible LED Display?
Indoor LED flexible led display is a subdivision of LED display products, especially in the field of commercial art display, relative to conventional screens, can get a better display, transparent gorgeous image effect, attract more people, advertising effect is impressive. Especially suitable for indoor transparent window screen, mall atrium, elevator video wall.


Q2: Do you accept other trade terms, like CIF, CFA, etc.?
Yes, please send us your destination address and way of shipment, we can check for you the cost for insurance and freight.


Q3: Do you custom design for different shapes?
Yes, we can design and manufacturer custom design Flexible LED Display according to requirements.


Q4:Do you give any discount ?
I'll surely try my best to help you get those by the best price and good service at the same time.


Q5: What are your strengths?
Shenzhen, China well-known manufacturers
14 years of LED display experience
Perfect R & D, design, production, construction, service system
Perfect quality control, production process
Extensive project experience
Strict product testing and certification